Neon printing in 2.6 meters width - your new possibilities

Large format printing - digital printing on roll materials (vinyl film, paper, banner textile, screen. It is suitable for placards, banners and for producing complicated constructions of outdoor advertising. It is produced on different width large format plotters.


Banner textile printing permits to use the adverts’ production from 1 to 3 years. Banner textile – a special PVC material which is similar to oil cloth. There are two types of banners – laminated and molten.  The molten banner is more expensive however, it is much more durable.

From usage it is possible to determine:

  • Frontlit – the banner textile with a faint permeability of light, there is necessary the lighting from the front. It is used in producing the different types of the outdoor advertising stands.
  • Backlit – good permeability of light, this kind of banner textile is easy to use in the light boxes, which are lighted from inside. 
  • Blackout – the banner textile with inner light impermeable interlayer. It is used for two-sided printing. Is used for producing flags and outdoor advertising stands.


  • Large format printing on screen banner. This idea comes from building industry. It is a lightsome and resistant vinyl textile, with what is possible to shield a whole building, so that there can’t spread the dust from building works. If the adverts are being printed on such huge textile, it is practically not possible not to notice them.
  • Printing on paper — one of the cheapest possibilities of large format printing. Paper can be simple or special: with blue base (blue back). Thick, opaque paper, ideally suitable for placards, permitting to glue a new layer on the old one. Transparent thick paper with a particular, moisture resistant coat. Is used in adverts’ boxes of light.
  • Large format printing on self-adhesive film – the most popular, thanks to its diversity. It is used for manufacturing signboards posters, exhibition stands, stickers, advertising boards, pictograms.
  • Vinyl differs with high endurance. Magnetic vinyl can hold to metallic surfaces. Printing is done straight on vinyl or on paper (film), what is glued on vinyl base.


  • Printing on canvas - for interior, is used for reproductions, photo-portraits, design graphics manufacturing. Currently available display of materials on the  market is big enough, so that it’s possible to choose the option, where quality corresponds to the price. Certainly think about how shall be set up the ordered banners, posters or other advert products. Possibly it will be more profitable to order the large format printing on more expensive material without additional fasteners.
  • Sublimation printing (textile printing) – is used produce posters, exhibition stands, television and theatre decorations, mobile stands, flags, souvenir production, etc. Sublimation printing is easily transportable and easy in using – the textile can be washed, exposed to chemical cleaning. This kind of production is resistant to UV rays.
  • Flag production. Colorful, bright flags are indispensable any of events partakers in your enterprise, whether it is the advertising campaign, PR action, conference, or festival, exhibition or trade show, sports competition or ceremonious event. You can order magnificent flags with the logo or title of your enterprise, as well as any type of pictures (including photo).