Invisible mannequin

The photography using the technology of invisible mannequin is widely requested in e-commerce.

The effect of invisible mannequin is attained, thanks to a special technology of photography and photo post-processing on the computer.

During the post-processing of photo there is fully removed the background, done the correction of articles form, done the removal of folds and dust.


Product card

Standard product card includes: 1 frontal photo on invisible mannequin and 3-4 photos on the model from various angles, with face or without it. The product card can be supplemented with the macro photo of the textile or/and individual elements. Such set is contemporary internet clothes shops standard.

Only if the photos are made of one photograph in one and the same circumstances is possible to warrant that the mannequin and model photos will be equal by the color character.


Image pictures

The simplest manner of making photos of the clothes - the clothes photography in lined way. There are possible different variations of the position of sleeves and hoody. This manner of photography suits the most for T-shirts, hoodies, men shirts, shorts and children’s clothes. Blazers, full skirts and dresses are better to photography on mannequin.

In the post-processing of photography there is fully removed the background, done the correction of articles form, done the removal of folds and dust.


The photography of the objects

Any type of size and complexity object photography for Internet shops, print catalogues and adverts. Footwear, bags, belts, mittens and gloves, hats, and other accessories photography from several angles.

The part taking of model will let you to show your goods in the best shape. The main difference from the photography of the clothes catalogue is that the model is being photographed only partly.

The most popular manners of object photography with model are footwear, socks, mittens and gloves, jewelry and other small accessories photography.

The post-processing of photos comprises the color correction, removal of defects, the correction of goods’ form, removal of background, keeping the natural shadows or isolating them at all.


Fashion photography

Photography on the white or light grey background, keeping the natural shadows – the most often used version of Internet shops catalogues, greatly fits for photography of designers clothes, meets the wildberries and lamoda requirements.

In some cases there is necessary the purely white background (no transition between the edge of photo and the background of Website) therefore is used other scheme of light and more complicated processing.

Standard product card consists of two to three angles photography ant the photography of close up.

The pace of the photography of catalogue depends on the complexity of changing clothes and the number of angles, on average 10-20 articles in hour.


Advertising photography

Lookbook photography is something average from catalogue and image photography. In difference from catalogue the emphasis moves from demonstrating the separate model of clothing to the whole picture.

It is not necessary to make the photos of all collection, it is important to show the main concept for the harmonization of different elements of idea.

The background can be whole-colored, but it is possible to make the photos also in the interior or on the street (street-style).