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We have 30 years

Anno 1994

At remote 1994 year a small group of students, inspired from lectures about economics, decided to create a marketing company...

The idea - 4P for clients, but already in first negotiations were asked a simple question: 
— Can you print the business cards? 
— Of course!

Another client asked:
— Are you familiar with a system of bar codes EAN 128?
— We understand the principle!

And already 30 days later our enterprise started to print personalized stickers with unique bar codes for Quelle catalogue. In that way we passed from marketing to design and typography. From that moment already 27 years, our main principle – high quality and creative printing. A wide range of technologies allows to create from a simple booklet till labels with protective elements against fraudulation, packaging with variable data or Braille writing system (the method of writing, which is used that blind people or people with weak eyesight could read and write).

In cooperating with our enterprise, you can manufacture the packaging or adverts from zero to a ready production, i. e. about the result is responsible only one company. Therefore, come to us or get in touch with us and you will not be disappointed!



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