style development

The corporate identity – the visual image of an enerprise, a set of graphical elements (logo, business card, the envelope, order form etc.) which are  created in united style. It is necessary for recognizability in between clients and partners, as well as it enhances the level of recognizability and trust of an enterprise.

It means, that it is necessary to pay a particular attention to creating a corporate style and in result contributing the formation and development of the enterprise.


Product packaging or gift wrapping design

The first whith what encounters the consumer, is the face of the enterprise. With the help of it is possible to  pay attention and make the choice in favor to a certain good.  People evaluates the good in average in 10 seconds and takes the decision of a purchase. Further the consumer either makes a choice in favor of  a product, or he/she continues to seek.

The design of a label of the range of goods must be balanced in between similarities and differnces. It is important to emphasize individualityv of every product variation and not to loose the common concept of product range.


The design of advertising polygraphy

The design of the output affects its effectiveness. Stricking, bright and creative presentation, logical and easy to understand composition solution, professional implementation of idea in material – these factors will ensure the success of your advertising.


Clothing branding development

The visual perception is important for anyone. The difference of many well known enterprises is that they understand, how to attract attention with the help of product package. The perception of the brand doesn’t finish with it’s logo.

It is important both the poducers of product and internet shops, which can outshine with original and beautiful packaging, unlike the concurrents, who do not pay to it enough attention.

So that the brand was prosperous, it must differ from it’s competitors, but the packaging of high quality of product is a showy way how to express and accentuate this difference.